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RMNSCE EVENTS was established in 2018 by Creative and Fashion Stylist Nee. 
Growing up she was heavily surrounded by fashion and music. And consequently, this became one of Nee’s goal. A chance to create a space for events/socials for a likeminded fashion community.

The brand name RMNSCE (Reminisce) came from the concept of being able to 

‘Remember past times, through music’. Music has always brought positivity and joy into lives; thus, she believed the idea of the name would be significant. 
“It’s those moments where that one tune takes you way back to a time in your life that you forgot about”. 

The DJs at RMNSCE always ensure to pull up lit mixes on event nights in hope to bring back the nostalgia. Any genre, any given moment.

The aesthetics of the brand stemmed from Nee’s love for 90s hip hop culture.

The era where during nights out, no one was consumed by their phones; it remained simply a time for enjoyment with friends or family. Camcorders & film cameras at the time were a prime source of tech and predominantly used to snap candid moments of each occasion. So, at RMNSCE the trend remains and we continue to capture our best moments a similar way.


The RMNSCE Merch collection is also heavily motivated by the streetwear of 90s hip hop culture. Solely because the era brought authenticity.

Back then there wasn’t any access to social media and people couldn’t search and replicate someone else’s style and quirk.

Everyone was their own individual person and that’s what made things unique.

People found a way to express their moods through their clothing.

With Nee’s biggest attraction to the era being the unconventional fashion.

(The hoodies, T-shirts, hats, bandannas and more).
She decided to take this appreciation and implement the ideas into pieces of the merch that are created.

Hence why here at RMNSCE we push for the family of RMNSCE to ‘Dress to their mood’ & be comfy; because why must anyone be accustomed to only wearing specific attires on a night out? 

This is a time to be yourself & free.

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